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This review isn't gonna have any actual point because my PC is just a little too toaster for this level pack.

First Run (Co-op): Besides getting lost in about... Every level, I enjoyed the visuals, the interesting branching pathways and the amount of weird challenges the levels forced me through. The few elsewheres I discovered were pretty neat even though Emerald hunting with the Sonic is uh... A definite challenge...

Second Run (Co-op, tried to find more secrets): The elsewheres are weird and out of place but interesting. More emerald hunts, a NiGHTS Stage with 2 mares, and an underwater 2D level... Not bad!

Third Run (Co-op, desperately trying to get special stages): Your hints are terrible... "and one entrance is hidden in a certain act of each of the first three Zones." This is really vague, even for new players, I no doubt, got lost falling through every hole in the last area of your "certain act" of Zone 1.
Speaking of problems, I shrugged it off constantly, but I began to notice that in the *really* open areas I was hit with some decent FPS lag, losing about 5-10 frames when rendering in areas like the near end of Lazy Shores Act 1 and most of act 2. This complaint as I've discussed beforehand is due to my PC not being capable of handling environments like this. However I do want to acknowledge that really open spaces with a ton of busy linedefs/FOFs can drop frames in general. I would advise that this thread should have a "high-end" warning for this mod. I mean when more levels in your mod give me more frame drops than what Seraphic Skylands and my Oceanic Cove port could do, it really warrants it in my opinion.

All in all, it's a quality mod with a tons of open spaces, hard to tell but really "out of the way" secrets, ridiculously explorative level design, a great amount of assets put in beautiful execution, definitely one of the harder mods out there. If you play this, I highly recommend to keep a positive mindset while getting lost or finding the special stages, it'll be an interesting challenge...
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