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Lavender Lagoon act 1 By Azure Hawk 7/10

Wow, I never expected this to be this good. There are multiple paths, nice scenery, and a wide range of textures used which is pretty nice, but a few things you need to improve on is choose the colormaps you are using. Using many different kinda on a single level just doesn't seen to fit in as well. Also there was some confusing paths from the half way point. Eventually I Found them, but yeah, not bad. Keep going, and you could make something good out of it.

Forever Forest by BlueZero4 0/10

I couldn't get this stage one to play on srb2 due to a mssing patch error in texture CLRWALL0.

Ivy Caverns Zone act 1 by Azure Hawk 2.5/10

Come on Azure Hawk, you can do much better than this. I didn't like this one at all. The level very much lacked in scenery, some paths were a little confusing, and the water palette was way too bright for my eyes to cope. Tone it down a bit. The design most of it was extremely flat as well with the additional cheap death pit every few minutes. It slowly started inproving near the end like Mystic said, but in my personall opinion, the stage needs serious editing, or revamped.

Emerald Valley Zone by I'll Begin 8.5/10

Oh nice stage there :P, this was really great, however, some bits were a bit flat in level design, and a few bits did kinda lack in screnery, and the stage was a bit too short in my opinion, otherwise I would given it a 10.

Haven't finished all reviews yet. Will do soon.
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