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Originally Posted by Mystic
Daimondus Zone, Act 2 by Glaber - 6/10
You know, the level design isn't overly bad, you're right... I was too focused on the fact that that was one of the ugliest zones I've ever played, and that really hurt it for me...

Interesting how Glaber failed harder in JanFeb08 than he did in JanFeb07. His DimenGlabSpecial, if you drop the lowest score, has a rating so far of 0.20, which would be lower than the current worst 1P level, Doomsday Zone (1.55 rating).

At least JanFeb07 had Daimondus Zone (CTF), which I still love and adore to this day. I personally thought it was better than the record-holding CTF map, Castle Canyon Zone.

The only two maps of Glaber's that I like are both CTF maps. Perhaps he should start doing those more often. If he makes future ones, they need to be NOT cramped, something that plagues so many of his levels.
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