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Multiplayer votes!


MAPA1 - Arial Match Zone by Cheese (2/10)

Lots of flat narrow places to run combined with awkward platform jumps made this hell for even non-Sonic players. Less death pit and more vertical variation would be nice.

MAPA2 - Last Stand Zone by ST218 (1/10)

This map should be at least one quarter of the size it is now. Maybe even less. Overall the wide open spaces combined with Homing Ring made it exceptionally difficult to find much less hit anyone. Which was really bad considering there were at least 6 people in the game when I played through these.

MAPA3 - Sand Fish by ST218 (1/10)

Same as the previous map.

MAPA4 - Physics Lab Zone by Jazz (mine/10)

bets map evr.

Capture the Flag:

MAPA5 - Spring Passage Zone by HYPERKNUX (3/10)

Using the blue springs to propel oneself over the death pits just seemed like a cheap challenge to me. Also, the bases were exceptionally cramped and difficult to navigate cleanly. The middle seemed the same way. Though the side passages were actually nice and open in comparison. Use those as a guide when you resize your level.

MAPA6 - Season's Greetings Zone by "" (5/10)

An absolutely average map. Main place where this could be improved is to smooth out some of the platforming by removing blue springs and just letting us jump, and also add a bit more space between the bases to give the Rail Rings you placed a little more utility.


MAPA7 - Freezing Flare Zone by Simsmagic (5/10)

Mainly loses points for crampedness. Springs were relatively well placed, and the hazards were pretty well placed. However, it would have been great if the entire level had a bit more room to it. Some hazards were a lot harder than they should have been (in a cheap way,) primarily due to the fact that the level was so small.

MAPA8 - Tslxruf Village by "" (4/10)

It was a long thokfest. Levels need to contain more interest than myself pressing my jump button. Also some of the passages were extremely cramped. Having to stop dead to run down a cramped ramp really killed the flow of this race.

MAPA9 - Endless Mine Zone by Glaber (1/10)

A short map combined with the problems with the bust blocks made this entire map very unfun. The funniest part was getting stuck bouncing around the bust blocks like a pinball, but it got old after the entirety of 30 seconds.

MAPAA - Wacky Track Zone by SonicMaster (5/10)

Not bad. My main gripe with this one was the lack of variety in the obstacles. It felt like I had to press up to go over this, press down to go under that, and repeat.
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