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Knuckles the Echidna in Flipknuckles Station 3 & Knuckles featuring Knuckles from the Knuckles May Chuckle series & Knuckles > Scarlet Lake > Technology Station > Proud Sky >>> Sacred Woodland


Punchy the Monotreme: Visuals are really boring but the level is pretty damn good. Puzzles are fun to solve, and the inverted-gravity water gimmick is pretty unique and cool. The Knuckles path was pretty great not only in that there was a Knuckles-only path but it was also really nicely executed (except for the entrance, that looks out-of-place as heck). On the other hand, there a few instances where it's very much possible to land yourself in a previous area of the level because all of it looks exactly the same. Oh, and I drowned a couple times during under(over?)water sections because I failed to platform properly (my fault) and the way to return to fresh air wasn't very clear (your fault). Then there's a couple of enemies that are cheaply positioned - specifically, the Unidus after the first checkpoint and the last Unidus that's in Knuckles' path. And on the subject of Knuckles' path, is it me or are the vertical conveyor belts bugged? I swear, sometimes when I latch onto them they snap me to the right side of the belt, it's really disorienting. So, the boss. The first phase is fine. The second phase is ass. Just run around in circles a few times and then hit him. Or do like I did and intentionally (s-seriously) get hit multiple times until Knuckles becomes vulnerable. It should have just been a harder version of the first phase. And no Sonic boss? Really? D'awww. And you didn't even use this for Oh No Zone Act 8.

Original the Lake, do not steal: Five-hundred bucks say this is gonna be Touhou... *Break the Sabbath starts playing* I knew it. I have to give you points for using the Lake of Blood instead of something Scarlet-Devil-Mansion-related, though. Can't say I expected that. Anyway, visuals are boring once again and I don't feel like the ghost-busting mechanics were properly conveyed. I mean, I did figure them out eventually but I could have done without all the wandering around confused for four minutes. And then there's the fact that it isn't clear which ones of the crowd of bakebakes are the ones that the player is supposed to bust. This is really only a problem in the section where the light tube thing is seen for the first time, but it is a problem and it did add another couple minutes to my first playthrough. The blood-tube near the end of the level was really bollocks (you mean it pushes me forward instead of upward!?), and I couldn't figure out how to deal with that last giant bakebake so I just intentionally got hit and passed through it. Boss is pretty damn awesome, though. Only complaint is that invisible barriers are balls and it felt like a cocktease seeing the solid ground around the arena when you're flown up during the second phase but you can't actually land there.

Technology Station: It feels cramped sometimes, and hard to navigate at all times. Visuals are not entirely bad, but the texturing was completely bonkers at some points. And what was this level trying to go for, difficulty-wise? All the enemies tell me this was meant to be challenging, but it also gives lives like they are rings. The music is very good, but it's too bad I didn't get to listen to it much while playing thanks to the constant life-up jingle. It needs polishing, but overall it's not a bad level. Keep up the hard work, man.

I'M FREE, FREE FAAALLIN': i dont get it

Sacred Woodland: This level has the best visuals, no contest. I especially like the part in the bridge before entering the ruins. And the music choice really enhances the look and feel of the level. I also love how the level is pretty open-ended yet feels really linear and easy to navigate (as a whole). That's about the end of my praises. Invisible platforms!? Are you for real? I'm sorry, but I like having a perfect visual on what I'm landing on, where on it I'm landing on, and how far can I go before I won't land on it any more. It doesn't help matters AT ALL that the level teaches you that if there's stuff just floating in the air it means that there is an invisible platform there, but then later on it goes back on this and has rings floating with no platform underneath. It never got me killed, but I still find it infuriating, why did the platforms have to be fucking invisible!? The fire Robo-Hoods are not good enemies because not only is their attack sound barely a whisper and their positioning dumb (it's very easy to get hit by a missile you didn't know was coming because you didn't see the Robo-Hood) but the fire is permanent and can end up making some areas ridiculously hard to pass without taking a hit. Oh, and that thing that I've said about the level being easy to navigate? That only applies to the level as a whole. It's not exactly hard to get lost in some of the individual rooms. The area with the crushers, the up-down metal things and the timed button was pretty goddamn stupid as well, it's like do you want me to fast? Or do you want me to live? And no, I can't do both because the crushers and the metal things are not in perfect synchrony with each other, so there's no way for me to learn the pattern and skillfully rush through that section because there isn't a pattern so I have to take it slow and wait for the right moments to jump or I die. But I can't do that, either, because lel a timed switch xD. Also, thanks for giving me a warning that there's a BOTTOMLESS PIT RISING ALONG THE WATER IN THE AUTOMATICALLY-RISING WATER SECTION oh wait, you didn't. I guess I was just supposed to know, right? Well, the Game Over screen sure did clear things up there! And that's how far I got into the level. I don't know how it continues after that. I don't care to know, either.

Invisible platforms, for goodness sake...
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