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SP/Coop levels

1. Scarlet Lake

This level has an interesting gimmick (ghosts and light), and you did a good job introducing it to us (the room with the ghosts you can't kill, then you switch on the light and they all vanish). Level itself is pretty, and while it doesn't always guide you by holding your hand, it isn't hard to navigate through. The boss battle wasn't too hard, and was quite fun, especially with the music change. Good job on that one!
(Also, played as Knuckles once I was done with the level as Sonic. No regrets ;D)

2. Flipgoop Station

Another level with an interesting gimmick (it's on the map's name =P) and multiple paths (one's for Sonic, the other's for... what was his name again?) and looks nice. Level becomes a bit unfriendly at times, but definitely isn't hard. Finally, the boss battle against... shoot, I can't remember his name! THE BOSS BATTLE was fun, although bullet hell-y when the second phase started. I'm also sad that you didn't make a boss battle against Sonic. Still, that was a fun map.

3. Sacred Woodland

This level is HUGE. There's a lot of paths, and the paths sometimes split themselves too, and you still managed to make the whole level linear! Now, with this level of praise, you'd think that I should have put this map higher up on the list, right? Well, I would have, if not for 2 reasons:
- Level is mean to Sonic players: I know, I know, Tails and Knuckles break any map. But the difference in difficulty is so blatant it hurts. As Sonic, you have to do many platforming sections with moving obstacles, invisible platforms and crushers, while Tails can just fly over that and Knuckles can just climb. Some vanilla levels have sections where the player can abuse that as well, but they also have obstacles to slow Tails and Knuckles users down. I'm not the best Sonic player, but I still managed to complete the map as Sonic, and it was pretty tough.
- Some obstacles are too sudden: there is one specific path that leads to a water-rising section. You have to go up as quickly as possible, then you see those gargoyles from Azure Temple Zone and you get shot down. Yeah, wasn't very pleasant when I discovered I had to deal with that.
It's not a bad map, it just has some balancing issues (if this was intended to be a challenge for Sonic players, disregard what I just said)

Tough choices out of the way. On to the next ones.

4. Technology Station

This level is visually beautiful. I'm a sucker for factory levels and such, but this level is a bit too bland. There should be more enemies around, because just lasers and crushers aren't enough, and the rooms are wide, so don't be afraid to use Crawlas in areas with tight jumps or stuff like that. Also, the level is too generous with 1-Up monitors, and they aren't well-hidden most of the time. The music choice is weird, but it works.
Keep up the work though, and you'll get something amazing.

5. Proud Sky


Match levels

1. Final Destination Zone

There isn't much to say about this level. Forceskins Sonic and it's a small platform where many players can fight on. Just imagine the chaos of 8 Sonics fighting on that small platform. I do think, however, that this map needs to be balanced. Just let the Scatters or remove all weapon rings. Also, remove the emeralds and replace the monitors with ring monitors so that we can really get the feeling of : "No items, Sonic only, FINAL DESTINATION!". Also, it would be better if the level only had a floating platform, mimicking the stages in the SSB series.
It's very simple, and yet it's the best out of the 3 (IMHO).

2. Aquatic Corridors Zone

It's a shame. The level is the best out of the 3 regarding the looks (especially with the skybox), but is ruined by the main gimmick: the stage is underwater. I'm usually fond of water stages, but there's a limit and the map crossed it. You know that people hate Tidal Palace Zone because of the water mechanic, right? Now imagine if Tidal Palace Zone was always completely submerged in water, and there was no platform that was above the water. It just becomes a race to get an Elemental Shield, and if you don't, you either have to become a sitting duck or die, and both are unpleasant in Match, and completely unviable for Tag/H&S.

3. Sunlit Wildlands Zone

This map is huge. It's needlessly huge. Tag/H&S as the seeker becomes a chore, and it's extremely difficult to find anyone in Match. Although I do like the small details (such as the lighter grass that forms a pattern over a weapon ring or the random monitor), the map lacks quite a bit of detail. FDZ is a bigger offender to that, but in this map, it becomes more blatant due to its size. Should you have made the map smaller and added the same amount of details, this would have been A LOT better.

CTF levels

1. Nameless Base Zone

Not much to say about this map either. It's small, but hectic with the right amount of players.

2. Rocky Caverns Zone

Another huge map. And it's needlessly huge. If I draw a straight line from one flag to the other, it would also be too big in the vanilla maps' standard. I was genuinely interested when I saw that the map was asymetric, until I noticed that the weapon rings also were placed that way. Word of advice: DON'T! You either give both bases the same weapon rings or place them in the middle so that none of them has an advantage. Plus, blue team has a huge advantage because their flag is only accessible through a spring, while the red flag can be accessed by simply jumping. This gives much more time for blue to react.

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