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Single Player

Flipgoop Station > Sacred Woodland > Scarlet Lake > Technology Station > Proud Sky


Flipgoop Station ft. Knuckles and Knuckles with Knuckles K.T.E DEMO: Nice level, LAT! I really enjoyed this lvl so much! This level has some repetitive erz texture walls (and not so many details :c). The boss was interesting. It reminds me Hidden Palace boss. Anyway. Nice!

Sacred Woodland: Last time... on SWZ... The level from 2014 was preety decent. Now... The current Update is Amazing! I really like this map! It really makes you fell, you are in a dark forest! Nice visuals and Design!

Scarlet Lake: This level didn't surprised me. It looks decent but, I tried many things to escape from those Ghosts.

Technology Station: The level looks decent. The song is good. A question. Why didn't you aligned the textures? This map doesn't have aligned textures, I was like... Non Aligned Station.

Proud Sky: I belive, I can fly! I belive, I could touch the sky!


Aquatic Corridors > Sunlit Wildlands > Final Destination

Rocky Field CTF Edition > Nameless Base


Aquatic Corridors: The level was supposed to have more paths and a better skybox.

Sunlit Wildlands: It looks too big! The level looks decent but too big!

Final Destination: Where's the Masterhand?


Rocky Field CTF Edition: The dreams came true! Thanks Brawl!
Nameless Base: Too Simple!

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