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Singleplayer votes only, per usual. Selecting the top three was HARD. Good work, everyone!

Sacred Woodland > Flipgoop Station Demo > Scarlet Lake > Technology Station > Proud Sky

Sacred Woodland: Best Visuals, Worst Timed Challenges
Ok, holy shit. You have come a LONG way since the predecessor to this map. Lots of this was extremely fun to play. Your visual design chops are 110% over everyone else who submitted anything to the SP division this time around (although I must admit I needed to turn up the brightness in the video settings to full...) Your downfall is, ultimately, your desire to diversify your level gimmicks. Those gillotines are just timed platforms (Make 'em move quickly downwards and hurt you on touch!) and combing the raising water with the raising deathpit (TWICE *screams*) made me not really want to replay your map, ugh. Ultimately, though, I put your work first because when it's good, it's gooooood- and it's a huge improvement over the last map with this name I played. (you didn't take into account my request from last time for you to make the Fire Hoods coloured Orange or Red or something, though...)

Flipgoop Station Demo: Best Gimmick, Worst Memes
Congration, Lat'. You've made an interesting level and run a meme into the ground. I can never play as Knuckles again. Seriously, though, the level is pretty inventive and its biggest flaw is that it's excruciatingly linear. There's one path split and it's CHARACTER DEPENDENT ONLY. (Knuckles paths are fun, but I'd like more pathsplits than that.) And your texturing, god. I'd put you at Worst Visuals if it weren't for poor XEFA (and you hadn't killed the meme). Good thing this is a demo, though. If you'd blown your entire load with just one overly linear path, I'd be disappointed.

Scarlet Lake: Best Enemy Design, Worst Flow
Zipper I love you bro but I gotta be critical. I got lost or had otherwise unclear room objectives a couple times too many in this map. The paths to other rooms weren't obvious, which ghosts you had to kill weren't instinctual (there was a room where I was certain the big one was what I had to draw into the light, only to realise it was triggered by sweeping up all the little ones instead) and the texturing was samey, which didn't help with the getting lost part. The boss was lots of fun, used sound and HUD design very well and definitely one of the best parts of the map (although the 2hoo had a little less character than she who declared YOU SHALL NOT PASS in Starry Sky) and the ghosts were fantastic and I'd love to see them make a comeback in a haunted house map, too!

Technology Station: Best Music, Worst Visuals
Your map was interesting but ultimately not up to the bar set by the other 3 non-jokewads. It was quite linear and you overused the Crawla Commander in the first two rooms, leaving all subsequent rooms quite comparitively bare. Your visual design was also haphazard, although there were a few places (the first room, and the one where you jump across 3 magnifying glass shaped platforms) where a seed of lookin' damn good was starting to sprout. Ultimately, I hope you learn from this experience and keep on trying; I believe in you, and who knows what the future might hold if you keep at it; a shiny gold usertitle? ;)

Proud Sky: Best Jokewad, Worst Jokewad
Nekoishi I love you but please don't pull this junk again. 15 seconds of "gameplay". How am I supposed to vote you anything but last? (and don't think I don't know who you are, [REDACTED]...)
<fickle> giant robo-hood that rips the map apart with her bare hands

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