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first error (GFZ1): Close to the spikes, the player can cross the wall using spin.

second error (in the corners of maps: THZ1 & 2 / DSZ1 & 2): When you stay in some corners on the walls (in fact many of these graphics errors are in many walls) this happens :

third error (DSZ3): When you spin in middle tube, you can cross and enter it(when the tube is in underwater, you need to be sonic, spin and thok in the middle tube, no diagonal):

fourth error (CEZ1, and perhaps CEZ2): when you spin at any FOF, you are cut in half or disappears:

In my defense, I nearly always play with chasecam off. But now that you point it out, this is quite odd. Will look into. -Jazz
EDIT 2: It happens on all FOFs, display offset is probably the culprit, not the maps themselves.

And the pillar that holds a FOF, if I use spin, I can enter it:

Need location(s.) -Jazz

EDIT2: Here are the locaton of the pillars,I do not remember which pillar was, but I'm sure it is some of these:

EDIT: Some levels have no changes and now, it causes a bit of lag. And in some levels like DSZ have toooo many lag.
Spazzo edit: Please enable DEVMODE (if you're in single player) before taking screens next time. Thanks!

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