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Originally Posted by Monster Iestyn
Originally Posted by Penopat
Holy carp, it's the end of 1.09.4 contest-wise and I STILL haven't finished one of my 500 single player maps.

... Well, I better start getting to work on my 1.1 levels then. :)
Uhh... SRB2ME =/= 1.1
... where was I referring to SRB2ME anywhere in there? Heck, the first post says "We do not reccomend trying to design SRB2ME maps at this time"! :(
Originally Posted by supa tails
Ok... Normaly, I would give a complement on something EVEN if it was TERRIBEL!!! And I hope I dont hurt your feelings or anything because I am not trying to be mean, but... THIS LEVEL IS TERRIBAL + !!!!!!!!
I sure wish my MB name was changed to Penopat...
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