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Originally Posted by Blue Warrior View Post
* The shockwave doesn't affect monitors or bosses, so hitting them with the basic ground attack is still a pain. For low gravity sections, I've found you actually can't reach the monitor without resorting to your air attack or hammer leap.

* I think increasing her acceleration or thrust is also still a good idea. The top speed should probably stay the same, as she has enough trouble in the Metal Sonic race as is.
The shockwave uses P_RadiusAttack which only works on normal enemies for some reason. If I can make the attack work using another method I'll change it.

As for the Metal Sonic race, that's the reason I set Rosy's top speed so high in the first place. She can still beat it with a top speed of 30 (slower than Tails) but you have to cut a lot of corners.

Originally Posted by Vandarx View Post
Not sure if the anti-gravity jump is intentional (or the disappearing sprites for that matter).
They're intentional.
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