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Oh yeah, this is way better! Ground attack is a lot more effective at dispatching enemies, and the midair attack is good enough for bosses. I'm also liking the dash.

Still some things that should be addressed:

* The shockwave doesn't affect monitors or bosses, so hitting them with the basic ground attack is still a pain. For low gravity sections, I've found you actually can't reach the monitor without resorting to your air attack or hammer leap.
* The hammer leap should be accessible at a lower speed. It's the only way to hit the first phase of the CEZ3 boss that I know of, and it's hard to gain enough speed to actually execute the move.
* The underwater hammer jump still hasn't been fixed yet
* The "walking" hammer jump's horizontal thrust should be decreased a bit, or the standing hammer jump should apply when Rosy is barely moving. More often than not I'm finding it sets me at a speed faster than I was originally walking.
* You should still reduce the attack cooldown on the hammer jump. Maybe 1 second or 50 tics, but 2 seconds is excessive.
* I think increasing her acceleration or thrust is also still a good idea. The top speed should probably stay the same, as she has enough trouble in the Metal Sonic race as is.
* There's a hilarious bug where Rosy's death sprite will shoot forward if you die while using the dash. I think you can even control where it's going still.
* This is a minor point, but Rosy has hard time dealing with Minus. I don't know what you can do about this, just thought I'd note it.

I'm already liking this more than anything else in the releases section, but if you address the above it'll be perfect. Keep up the good work.

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