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Originally Posted by Goldenhog View Post
  • First of all, I removed her Hover Peelout.
...oh my god why so much hate to the Hover Peelout?!
Why would you want the Hover Peelout removed? It's a very useful ability and unique, while it's not too overpowered. I think it's a very fun ability, like using it against a spring to go higher and further.

Originally Posted by Goldenhog View Post
  • When did Amy have anything like that in any the games?
Does it really matter? It's a new twist for Rosy. Something that makes her special (Yes, her Hammer Jump ability is something special too), and that makes her more fun to play as.
Personally I think that Rosy is pretty well balanced. Her inability to pop badniks by jumping on top of them, her Hammer Jump and other stuff mirrors the Advance games, but it looks like Katmint wanted her to do something cooler and fun.
And he is right.
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