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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
The basic issue is that we're expecting players to handle a control scheme they're not using for a platformer for a platformer. The more variables we can remove from the equation, the better. While I'm sure lowering it would help some players, removing it entirely is likely to help more players than just lowering it would.
I do wish that this would have been elaborated on a bit more as to how that is the conclusion that was achieved, so there could have been extra input on it.

Just because I'm not directly responding to a specific part of your message doesn't mean I didn't read it. I simply didn't think that responding to all of it would be particularly useful to the conversation. Your opinion is pretty clear, after all.
Alright, fair enough then. I suppose I can get behind that.

I'm not saying that adjusting the camera vertically is useless. I'm saying it has limited use. I think the key thing you're missing here is that the less things a new player needs to handle at once, the better. If we can remove gameplay mechanics with limited use, this means that the gameplay mechanics that are actually important are brought to the forefront.

Instead of thinking about it as "where can this be helpful?", think about it as "where is this really necessary?". Removing or hiding unnecessary features is a good way to reign in complexity, which is exactly what we're trying to do.
Do wonder how detrimental it is to not have it in said situations where its "limited use" comes in handy, but I'd imagine that'd involve playtesting either way, or atleast the levels to be designed around it.
But the other thing I wonder is if if the new player is used to being able to control the vertical view of a camera in other games, expecting to be able to do the same in this game, but finding that they can't, and again, there's a distinct possibility the new players or maybe even long-returning veteran players won't think that it can be changed via the options.
Noticing that, if the vertical mouselook being off by default idea passes, I do also atleast suggest that, if a player with vertical mouselook off ends up joining a ringslinger game, there should atleast be a warning for them to go in the options to turn it on.

This here is the key thing I think is important. Yes, it's human error, but it's human error that they wouldn't have at all if the feature was disabled. I'm taking the view that between the benefits of having the feature enabled or disabled by default, having it disabled by default will benefit more players, and yes, I'm taking into account all the things I didn't directly reply to here. Disabling vertical camera movement by default prevents human error causing the camera to be pointed in an unhelpful direction, and in doing so makes it more likely that a beginner player will have a good first impression and stick with the game long enough for the controls to make sense. This is WAY more important than the occasional situation where looking up and down can be beneficial.
But maybe the human error aspect could be curbed down enough with a slower default speed for mouselook to the point of being a minimal issue? Especially considering that for more severe cases looking way too high up/down, in situations with low enough sensitivity, would have to amount to a massive jolt backwards/forwards with the mouse, and not causing the oddity of some new players being generally unaware that vertical mouselook is an option unless the warning idea from earlier in the post is implemented anyway.
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