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Actually, this is pretty stunningly good by comparison. There are a couple takeaways that we did already know, but overall this is WAY better than most of the new player videos I've seen, mainly because they're using FPS controls and thus aren't having as much trouble as a lot of people have with just the arrow keys. Normally I see newbies die over and over and over to the DSZ3 boss but this guy beat it first try!

For reference, the things we've already learned but this video heavily reiterates:
  • Our default mouse speed is too high. That was my bad, sorry :(
  • By default, we should have vertical mouselook off. Players generally don't want to look up and down.
  • There are a couple of places where players are likely to get lost we've tried to fix in 2.2.
I know you're using this to say that we shouldn't use FPS controls by default but looking at this just encourages me in staying the course. These players are doing WAY better than the players who streamed their first play using only the arrow keys or analog.
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