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Originally Posted by Ash
By the looks of it, this may end up being a contest worthy of remembrance! So far, all of the maps look fantastic. I might even enter, since so many people already are showing signs of awesome competition...
I think you're right there, Ash... I can't wait to play most of the maps here!!

Here are some screens for Mech Mountain Act 2 (some are old, and some are new):

The start:

The first main room (also the area shown for the Level Select screen):

Another big room:

The room with the rising slime, that rises when you press the big red button that's just off the left of the screenshot:

The part I'm currently working on - the corridor with a long conveyor belt, lasers, and crushers:

A big room with lots of pipes:

Another big room with pipes, but ones that go up this time:

That's all the screens I'll give for now as it's not finished, and I don't want to spoil too much of the level...
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