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Derp, first time doing ratings for levels in a long time. Not doing single player since I dislike single player entirely;

Diamondus Battle by Glaber: 4/10
The first thought I got from playing this was that it looked too similar to Sapphire Falls. Second thought, while it played well in some areas I found it hard to move around since mostly everything felt so damned cramped.

Aerial Match Zone 2 by Cheese: 4/10
I didn't particularly like this map so much. I see great potential for it to become a good map, but I was shortly reminded of that one space map from Demo 4 which I forgot the name of.

Geometric Void Zone by SonicMaster: 2/10
Too much like Nimbus ruins, only with smaller platforms. I felt this map was hard to navigate through without falling into a bottomless pit every few seconds. You can't fight or defend very well either. Good looking scenery though, I can say that.

Diamondus CTF2 by Glaber: 3/10
Again, too much like Sapphire falls. While I do like the thought of you adding multiple pathway points, I just didn't feel a good flow coming from them, also a tad cramped too. Scenery was needed at the bases I might add as well.

Illuminated City Zone by Cheese: 5/10
First thought, I got from playing this map is that it seemed too similar to Starlit Warehouse, only with extra doors and an underground passageway. What I disliked is how the bases were so close together with a few simple thoks of getting to the other side without any complications in the way. I also disliked how the doors were one-way-only. This could make it very infuriating for one person trying to get the flag and not knowing where he/she is because a door might not open.
I thought this map was alright though in terms of playability.

Submerged Cavern Zone by Cheese: 6/10
I felt particularly fond of the challenge rating of this map, one person stated in a netgame that this map has a moral of "Watch yourself! You don't know what dangers are around the corner", or something along those lines. I also liked the fact how Tails players might be able to keep up with Sonic players in this map too. Too many deaths though and chances to screw yourself over into a death, try lessening them for the next map you make.

Star Reactor by Kuja: 8/10
Oh boy, such detail and a wide open areas. Good for you! This map I can consider my favorite in this month's OLDC. I loved the fact how you added some separate pathway for Tails players, giving a chance for them to stay in the race. I can't tell you how many times I chose Tails trying to keep up with Sonic players and loosing almost every time.
My suggestion? In the next map you make, try making Tails pathways work faster and stop them in an area where they are just ahead of the Sonic players. You might also want to remove the lasers since I've always had a troubling time getting through those. You also might want to shorten the map, this seemed a little long for a 4 lap race.
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