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I'm having a problem getting the zone builder to make a new stage. I did what it said, setting the game configurations, using srb2.srb as the resource for it, and setting the testing application to srb2win.exe, but I get this same message every time I try to make a new stage: "Unable to initialize the Direct3D video device. Another application may have taken exclusive mode on this video device or the device does not support Direct3D at all." I've tried to see if it was disabled, but there was nothing wrong with that, it all looked fine! I tried to look this problem up, but I could only find solutions to if it is disabled/not available.

EDIT: I figured out what was wrong, I just had to reset it...

This part doesn't have to do with the problem, but I wanted to start making a mod that puts in Chao Garden, including Chao races, Chao fighting, different kinds of Chaos with different attitudes, the whole nine yards (and a little more to it! ;)). However, I can't do that if I can't even start with making the stages to build this mod on... can I get any help?

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