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Nice timing, Blue Warrior. =P

I'm glad you're enjoying this. I think a lot of people would agree with what you're saying, which is probably the main reason why I haven't implemented teleporters/recyclers yet. =P (Although I've started work on Race mode...)

Originally Posted by Kalaron View Post
LXShadow, you're awesome for two reasons. This mod, and for keeping #RABBIT :D
Thanks Kalaron! Have you seen the BUNNIES yet?

I'm glad people are liking this mod so much. I would be trying to make big improvements and updates at the moment, but they're always risky, and I don't want things to fall apart (somewhat as they did with Beta 3).

That said, things already appear to be a bit broken at the moment with Beta 4. The MS doesn't work probably - since nobody is around to update the version at the moment - and connection by IP may not be working either - due to the transition to SRB2's standard internal netcode. So please be patient and wait for the MS version to be updated. Thanks!
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