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As cool as these screenshots look I can't help but feel like there's a lot of "slopes for the sake of slopes" already. It is pretty impressive to look at the changes though. But, Deep Sea progress? I don't see any. T_T (Unless that "proper physics" gif is Deep Sea, in which case, wat)

Regardless it's crazy to see how far SRB2 is going with this stuff. Pretty sure there was a time when the devs said "nope no slopes ever" and look at the game now. Heck, sprites are updated and all kinds of other things are being improved upon and it seems this update only scratched the surface. It's pretty hype.

...Although, ideally you can keep the updates coming for only so long if the netcode isn't going to get any real improvements over 2.1's. Online is a massive part of SRB2, and with lua the possibilities are endless. Seeing that transfer over so that it actually works properly would set the potential SRB2 has in stone for definite. Nnnnnot really saying "PLS DO THIS" or anything tho.
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