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Default 2.2 Preview - With Slopes!

Posted by Mystic on 02-12-2016 1:11 AM. I miss the automatic post generation script :(
Development on new content is still quite slow, but this time there's actually a good reason that isn't just us playing too many other games. While these screenshots don't show it, there are also a dramatic amount of minor (and some major) changes under the hood that improve a lot of the engine.

By far the most dramatic improvement since the last post is slopes. Yes, really! They even feature proper physics! This feature is pretty game-changing, and will take a while to implement in all of the stages that need it, so stages are given priority for retrofitting, with Greenflower and Arid Canyon currently the highest priority.

What may be even more exciting to some of our long-time players is that because of slopes, Greenflower 1 is finally getting a proper update. This update is pretty similar in method as the updates to Techno Hill 1 for 2.1. Priorities for the revamp include better teaching our game's mechanics to newbies while also providing rewards for skilled play. Time attack in particular is a lot more complicated, with actual timing and skill being required instead of just thokking down an optimal route.

While Greenflower is getting a retrofit, Castle Eggman 1 is way too bad for any sort of retrofit to fix the problems it has. Thus, it's getting completely remade, as shown in this old work in progress shot. We don't want to provide too many specifics to preserve the surprise when it is finally ready to go, but expect something actually fun. Hopefully the third time will be the charm on this one.

Finally, here's a shot of Arid Canyon 2, complete with some slopes in action in a new stage. While there are still too many visual quirks for us to show you the mine carts in action, the stage overall is coming together quite nicely. Expect expansion on the ideas and gimmicks in act 1, but with a bit more challenge this time.

Like every preview we post, things shown off here are subject to change before release. Hopefully we can get you another update in less than a year this time.
As a reminder to everyone, discussing known information and speculating based on that information is okay, but don't go on tangents or make baseless speculation or absurd claims. To start off the thread, here are the answers to the questions I KNOW half of you are dying to ask yet again:

1. There is no release date. Asking will not change that. Making stupid jokes about how long it'll take will also get you infracted.
2. The netcode is still just as shitty as it ever was.

Keep things civil and intelligent, for everyone's sake.
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