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Well... time for me to vote...

> Video < *Features both maps due to how short it was.*

Single Player
*Mario Land 1-1 by Simsmagic - 3/10*
While as Mario level is fine for some, I think it doesn't fit that well as it ends very quickly. And the visuals... while nice, doesn't really do much.

*Chemical Facility Zone by KO.T.E - 7/10*

Well... a fun & decent map although there was a few things that bothered me in a way.

In the video at 0:59, that rising Red Water Room which... can be a dead end if you happen to jump back through the doorway before it fully closes, thus you have to take another route. Seeing how it takes away 10 Rings upon contact with the water can make this room annoying to bypass if you have lots of rings. While "there" are springs in the water to escape, it doesn't help when your near the surface only to get damaged in the air and send you back into the lower area due to the Red Water. Tackle this room with 0 rings and you don't have to worry about that, just don't let a turret snipe you.

At 2:35 in the video, the floor in the water here is uneven, and being that the water is not clear enough to see... you can't really tell of how far you are from the gap where you have to jump over a pit. I lost a good 3 lives there mainly due to ether being too late, or jumping too early. *Not shown in video* If only it was like the DSZ water slides... at least with those you know when to jump at the right time.

Oh, and I found that secret room... which of course scares me... and the Game Over staring into my soul and such.

Overall... it's a fun map, although it still needs some work. I'm sure others can explain it better than me, anyway.
I'm tempted to do the Mutiplayer division as well, mainly due to one map that just had me go... "What were you thinking?" I'll give you a hint... it's has a lot of misspelled words and it's a race map.
GraphicX8000 will return... when I'm actually not lazy with finishing it.

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