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Originally Posted by Fawfulfan
by Charybdizs - 3/10
I adore this level visually, but it just doesn't work as a CTF level. I didn't really have any sense of direction, which for a . If I were you, I'd repurpose it as another gametype...literally any other gametype would be more appropriate.
Well, I am certainly happy you got the name right. :p

But after reading that last sentence... I'm given to the opinion that you didn't play the level with other real players.

You obviously don't know what the gimmick is if you think it would work better in any different gametype. The only reasons you would not know it, are these.
#1: Because you didn't spend any amount of significant time in a game.
#2: Because you didn't play it with other people.

The gimmick is entirely team based, and without people to play against, you're not getting the point.

Still confused? Let me tell you this:
Blue Team is always right side up.
Red Team is always up side down.
The map is the same for both.
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?
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