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I just noticed something, Spring Factory is missing a author. It was a collab of me and ThunderNova, might want to fix that.

Single Player

Mario Land 1-1 - 3/10

Not much to talk about here. It's too small, nothing but jumping, and no real challenge. The sound effects save this from being a 2.

Chemical Facility Zone - 10/10

My favorite part was where I died at the beginning my first time through and then I saw the
Pinkie Pie ending screen

Magma Temple Zone - 6/10

One section of this map seems like a Singe-player section. Also, some textures need to be aligned, and aforementioned SP-esque section has a texture problem with it's Sky. Otherwise it's cool bro

Eggmatchsion Zone - 10/10

Oh god this map

Capture the Flag

Arctic Facility - 8/10

The only problem I have with this map is that it's much too small, otherwise great fun

Uninspired Name Zone - 9/10

Not enough player starts in this map!

The Map With No Name - 7/10

Too dark, too hard to navigate with Sonic or Knuckles, and broken with Tails.

Dread Valley Zone - 6/10

Beautiful map. It really is. If we were judging solely on look, I would give this a 10/10. But that's only half of the score, the other half is gameplay. No interesting gimmicks, not much varying difficulty, and one almost useless secret path for Tails/Knuckles brings the score down to 6.

Spring Factory Zone - N/A

Did I mention I also made this?
Anyways you guys should totally check out the groovy Knuckles' shortcuts.

obnoxiuos pnoy referinse Zone - 3/10

You can't even complete a lap as Sonic sadface

Other than that, no comment.

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