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Whoa, only 10 total maps? O_O Should've finished that Match map I was working on.

Single Player:

Mario Land 1-1
, by Simsmagic - 4/10

Painfully generic Mario map in 2D. At least the map looks like a Mario level, but Mario levels really aren't built for the faster Sonic.

Chemical Facility Zone, by KO.T.E - 8/10

KO.T.E, you've done it again. I really love the fact that you used Chemical Plant-based gimmicks here and the music... Modern Chemical Plant right? A few of the rooms were a bit confusing but I managed to get through those. Oh, and in some places you have a few too many enemies IMO. Other than that the level is excellent.

Only 2 SP maps? At least it isn't a repeat of the Mar/Apr '11 OLDC...
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