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Only two Single Player OLDC levels. Excellent. Here are my votes.

Mario Land 1-1 by Simsmagic - 10/10

Nice work at making a 2D Mario level. I especially like the background you put behind the 2D sector. Plus, that flag pole soundat the end brought me back to the days when I was playing Super Mario Bros. on my NES when I was a child. Bravo, Simsmagic, bravo.

Chemical Facility Zone by KO.T.E - 8/10

Nice work you put into the design of the level and I also like those mouse-like enemies resembling the ones from Sonic & Knuckles' Flying Battery Zone Act 2. At first, I thought they were behaving like Crawlas, but when a mouse fired goop at me (a la Brak Eggman), it wasn't a normal enemy. I got a game over on this level and it kinda made me jump a little.


Most of the Multiplayer OLDC entries were very impressive. I liked some of them and I didn't like some of them. Here are my votes.


Magma Temple Zone by blahblahbal - 7/10

Good work on the temple, but there are two areas that can only allow Sonic players to climb back up when they thok carelessly. Overall, this is fine work.

Eggmatchsion Zone by KO.T.E - 10/10

This is an very impressive attempt at making a mansion with a little library.


Arctic Facility by Kuba11 - 2/10

This map is all too simple, as you have to jump on the platforms and run to the other side as fast as you can. Plus, getting back to the team bases is somewhat hard. The paths to them are cramped.
Note: Ice is the most overused theme. 'Nuff said.

Uninspired Name Zone by Scizor300, KOTE, and Simsmagic - 1/10

This map is too hard if you don't know where you're going. Plus, there are some lava blocks that don't have walls. You'll burn if you run straight into them, also, I found a lava waterfall with an ACZ texture clipped to it. Why is that?

The Map With No Name by Charybdizs - 0/10

This map is too dark and the gravity here is too confusing. Plus, when I touched the Red/Blue Team Flags, they flipped upside-down. Also, I couldn't hear any music because the MusicSlot was O_MAPFKM.


Dread Valley Zone by Blade - 10/10
Very impressive work on making a Halloween-themed level. I like this level very much and I even like the fences. But, I didn't get the point of the forest. Overall, this is a very good level.

Spring Factory Zone by KO.T.E - 8/10

It may be a factory, but there aren't that many springs. Anyways, nice handy work on making this level. I'll have more to say soon.

obnoioxies mym litltle pnony refenrence znone by RedEnchilada - 0/10

This is one of the worst OLDC maps ever entered. All you have to do is walk across these narrow lines with Star Posts, and none of the sectors with Star Posts don't have the activating sector surrounding them! Also, there's a green pillar in the middle where its too hard to avoid (It's pretty obvious because there's a turret on it). While Tails players have an easy time here, Sonic and Knuckles players will have to catwalk to the other Star Posts.
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