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Holy crud, this REALLY caught me off guard.

Here are the single player votes, as usual. :I

Mario Land 1-1 by Simsmagic: 4/10

I would try to say what's bad and what's good about this map, but there just really isn't much to talk about. There's rarely any challenge at best, and it just feels like a basic Mario mode map, but that's it. There's nothing exciting happening or anything surprising going on in the map. It's as basic as it can possibly get.

Chemical Facility Zone by KO.T.E: 7/10

Visually, the level looks really nice. Gameplay wise, it's sorta meh.

While the Chemical Plant-inspired gimmicks work well, the rest of it is mostly platforming. It's definitely not a bad thing though, and the level was still fun to play. The room where you have to press the button to open the door and quickly get in before it closes is a bit frustrating as Sonic, since there are a lot of enemies in that room to completely mess you up if you get hit by them once.

Eh, I expected a lot more for this contest, but hopefully the multiplayer maps will be at least decent.
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