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The SRB2PS3 PKG file is signed with the root key Geohot calculated, which happens to be exactly the same as Sony's, so yeah, it looks like authentic Sony software. The only reason Geohot's firmware is required is because Sony disallowed installing package files from USB Mass Storage Devices, so yeah, in order for it to install, his update PUP is required to be installed.

Actually, I also support an unsigned version of SRB2PS3 for people with PSJailbreak devices, I will upload this version when I get home (though I think the normal version might work already).

Originally Posted by Kopper View Post
Quick question though. Is there a reason that a new SRB2Wii build using libogc is here and the SRB2Wii topic still has the Wii Linux one? Like some kind of public beta deal?
I guess so. At this stage, SRB2 on Wii Linux still has much more functionality and much less glitches than the libogc native one.
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