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Is the current stance on SRB2 that it is emulating the Classics in 3D or is it the merging of the Classics with the Mordern?
Neither. The stance has always been to replicate classic Sonic as accurately as possible in Doom and be inspired by the original games. The modern games don't even come into the design at all. This does not mean "we are emulating S3K as accurately as we can", and it also doesn't mean "intentionally avoid things that SEGA did in SA1/SA2", but it does mean that when there is a question of where to go in our design, we look back to the original games for guidance. We don't have the slopes or the remote ability to do the classic Sonic running on walls and loops, but there are a lot of things we can pull from the original design, such as flow, a sense of speed, and the ability to explore your surroundings at whatever speed you'd like.

Sonic 2 has two playable characters, Sonic and Tails. If you play as Tails, you cannot go Super. While Knuckles could always go Super, he was also only playable in the game where every character and their mother could go Super. We've gone back to the design from Sonic 2 (and it so happens, SA1), where Super is a "special" thing given to Sonic for being the main character, similar to how Super Saiya-jin was so much more awesome in DBZ before every character in the show could do it.

The thok, or as it was called in 1998 when Sonikku designed it, the "Air Spin Attack", is a move that was given to Sonic to solve the lack of anything interesting for a double jump in SRB2. In S3K, Tails could fly and Knuckles could glide and climb, but Sonic was stuck with the insta-shield and the shield specific moves. Since SRB2 doesn't have the shield specific moves for Sonic, clearly we needed to give him something other than the insta-shield, since that's highly weak in 3D. The thok was actually designed before SA1 came out, so the difference in design from modern Sonic games is natural as different people will design different things to solve the same problem.

tl;dr: No, we are not trying to use things from the modern games and merging them with the classics. If we pull something from the modern games for SRB2 proper (as in not weird modding features) it's simply because it's a good idea and we'd be stupid not to.
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