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Hello, i'm wondering if the doom engine allows spherical loops (In the editor) for the player to go full 360 in a loop and come down, this would massively benefit map making and better ideas for more complex map building and creativity

It's never been intended, but you can totally hack one together if you really want to!

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hopefully the devs update towards a more simple and easier engine like unity (i know it's easier said than done) but it would be a good leap towards the future of SRB2 and more efficient and creative level design
You're probably the 573rd person to ask this (although most people usually ask for ZDoom instead of Unity), and the reason we've never done it is because if you're throwing everything out to start on a new engine anyway, you might as well make a new game that isn't restrained to a 20-year-old design shaped around this engine. We'd be losing all of the modding support and expertise built up if we switched off of Doom-based engines anyway.
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