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Bless my aunt for letting me install SRB2 on her computer, so I will be voting. =D

Green Canyon Zone, MÍO/10
I don't expect to win 1P at all. When I knew Kuja was entering as well as Ice, I knew I couldn't win with a level this unoriginal. But, I'm happy that it's being received as a fair level.

Aquatic Labyrinth Zone Act 2, 6/10
Well, 1.5 GHz is certainly better than 933 MHz, yes, but under all circumstances I've been given at this point, i.e., no OpenGL or any faster computer I'd be allowed to use, this level is unplayable under normal circumstances. If I were at home rather than at my aunt's, I could play the level properly. Literally a 50% GAMEMISS from Player 1 Start to End Level Sign. Jumping and thokking was sometimes completely unresponsive, and at one point the GAMEMISS reached 70%. No joke.

So I used GOD throughout most of the level. It was still rather fun that way, and I can see that this level clearly would be much easier under no lag. Despite me hardly dying using GOD, I can see that a bit too many of these jumps are leading to instant death, and falling into the death pit, despite not dying, was still a bit frustrating.

I really liked the floating water currents used in the level, and a lot of the platforming was really solid. I'm gonna have to knock a few points off this for lag, yet give some points back for fairness. That still results in a net loss of points, but still, quite good.

It'd really be nice if enormous amounts of water wouldn't lag SRB2.

Mill Citadel Zone Act 2, 10/10
I've never given out a ten in a contest before, until now. This had more gimmicks and a better length than Act 1. Some places felt too large, but it was hardly worth noting. Good job, Ezer'Arch; there is virtually nothing wrong with this level.

Hidden Sanctuary Zone Act 2, 9/10
Well, if this doesn't rival the greatest grass level, Angel Island Zone (Sonic 3 version), what does? Could have had a few more gimmicks, and I got turned around at one spot, but it had great size. Certain times in the level were eh, other times were "whoa, this is really cool" (the waving water fountain). It appears as though you did it in the same way I did for Vibrant Vendetta Zone with the rocks, which I remember you complimenting for that. >=D

Glaber Base 5, 6/10
This is actually fairly good, reason being the Sally path. While I did have to go out of my way to download the WAD, it really made the level feel more interesting. It's a unique form of non-linearity. The Sally path gets an easy 7/10, just because it's a Sally path. If Sonic could reach that path, I'd probably give simply a 5/10 for that path. The first-person camera thing was lovely, too!

The Sonic path wasn't quite as fun and deserves a 4/10. It lacked the uniqueness of being a path specifically for a downloaded Character WAD.

Overall, the texturing was ridiculous in a lot of places, no offense. The sky-flat blocks, the usage of Dark City bricks, the use of Deep Sea Zone crushers in a rather metallic place... *shakes head* The clusters of asynchronous crushers could be kind of annoying at times, well, because it's a cluster of asynchronous crushers. I don't like them in Thunder Citadel, nor in Castlevania, nor in this zone.

Oh, and that giant laser in the room with the black walls. Reminds me of WED every single time I enter that room.

Flooded Forest Zone, 3/10
This...wasn't very fun at all. The level design really lacked substance; Jetty-Syns were very annoying; and jumping from leaf to leaf got really tedious. The boss fight was definitely something generally unseen in 2D levels, but it wasn't very fun, either. That boss really was designed for 3D levels, where you can actually strafe to dodge it. >_>

It certainly was very nice to look at, though.

Factory Farce Zone Act 1, 8/10
I was so disappointed with how short this level was, and how I could only find one path even after playing through the level twice, because this was really, really good. That's certainly a lot of boxes you have there, and the colorful floor was neat. I really liked how it actually made a sound when you hit it. I wanna see a much larger, non-linear Act 2 from you soon.

Greenery Pass Zone Act 2, 7/10
I enjoyed this much more than Act 1. Is that Zenkusa's version of the music to Bridge Zone? Either way, the music choice was highly effective in making this level feel different from other grass levels. Made it feel cute, actually. I enjoyed pushing the rocks into the water for no reason, just cause it's mildly entertaining and no SRB2 level has done it before.

Cosmic Galaxy Zone, 5/10
This is a very nice-looking level. The anti-gravity room was brilliant, but getting hit got you stuck on the ceiling moving very slowly without the ability to shift your horizontal position. Getting through all of those lasers in anti-gravity was a fairly well-executed challenge, otherwise.

The moving lasers. Well, the first one I managed to actually get through once without getting hit and without falling into a death pit simply by walking through. I don't know how I did that. Either way, there needs to be a much longer time for you to get through them. The other moving lasers, I simply jumped and thokked around them, though that was pretty hard, too, and a tad frustrating at one spot.

Overall, it was still kind of fun.
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