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Originally Posted by MetalKnux101 View Post
No because that'd interfere with the Armageddon Shield and the Whirlwind Shield.
It already does, for the Whirlwind Shield at least: you can't use Chaos Control to go down and not use the Whirlwind Shield's extra jump (probably makes the Armageddon Shield explode too, haven't tested though).

Originally Posted by Larztard View Post
You could make it activate the shield ability after the player uses Chaos Control twice.
Very bad idea. It would lock the player from using the Whirlwind jump/Armageddon blast when he jumps, unless you lock it on the first Chaos Control and unlock it on the second. Still, I don't like this idea since it prevents player from having full control on their actions (and if someone comes with a reply like: "It balances the character", I'll respond with: "Hey, it's a power-up. It's supposed to help you, not hinder you in some way" and "I played Shadow on Match/CTF and I can assure you: Chaos Control is balanced as it is").
I really like the idea of setting it to a custom button, but I admit it would be tedious to configure one, and it's impossible to not have conflicts with other WADs/LUAs who use custom buttons.

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