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Default Hey, Salt.

Originally Posted by TehRealSalt View Post
I like what I'm seeing so far! You've got that neat open-ended style that I like :)

Unfortunately I can't add this to the KAWAIII preview set just yet, as it does not seem to have an exit, and the player start seems to be in a testing location. Absolutely feel free to update during the polishing phase though, and I'll add you as soon as you can fix these things!
I'm glad you like what I have, I was hoping I was doing things right. I've made an update to the final area to make it feel a little more complete, plus an exit sector where I think most people will probably be finished adventuring - but if not, they can skip it. Also, I've moved the spawn to its correct position.
On top of all of this, I've gotten music and incorporated the Horizontal Springs WAD into the map WAD itself, so now everything is in one neat, tidy package. And all before the end of the 15th (though this just about killed me xwx).

There are, of course, places where you can obviously tell work is needed (starting three paths). I'll try and get to this in the polishing.

Thanks again! ^-^

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