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I would like to highly recommend a site for wadseeker and recommend for users that use Doomseeker to spread the word of it as soon as possible.

For the past few months I've been taking a lot of interest in Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch, a Zandronum mod that is usually said alongside SRB2 as "Doom mods" by random silly Youtubers. This mod uses Doomseeker highly as it's the only way to get access to the mod's servers. The most common form of hosting servers in MM8BDM, is TSPG Painkiller. This site is a repository for doom mods and has recently been getting double the activity as it has came back up after taking down their servers and moving to Canada from the U.S. Long story short, 8BDM players use this site to not only upload mods on there, but to make fully dedicated servers through TSPG's IRC channel on Zandronum's community IRC.

I could ask if SRB2 could also get support on this (especially since the TSPG mods are easily contactable I hear), but I don't think it might work, period. However, the wad repository is my main point. I highly wish that as many people, modders, and users as possible, to start uploading SRB2 content on allfearthesentinel via this part of the site: (NOTE: You will need to make an account in order to do this by the way, and if there is a wad that you would not like to have on there, you need to request to ban this mod from the site so wadseeker can't find it at all.)

I really want to spread this as far as I, and any other modders can throughout SRB2 to start using this site and recommending Doomseeker as much as possible, with this, accessing the master server will be easier than ever, and more importantly this can weaken the issue of downloading mods in SRB2, especially for my case, since hosting mods that I can't submit to submissions, but have everyone play publicly, is just... impossible to get traction on (while I have recently started using links in my server names, they haven't given a lot of traction that I wish I could get hosting stuff like this.), especially so that even hosting mods no matter what the size on the MB, can prevent newcomers from being discouraged that they don't really know where to download them. Also, it'd be nice this is used more often so my shitty internet doesn't get eaten by random users downloading Boss Mayhem while we're in Egg Gauntlet.
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