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What's the point of orbrestart? If you can't go back to a previous area and have hit a checkpoint after it, then the only thing it does is take a life from you and your rings and laugh at you and that's it. Shouldn't it also reshuffle the virus so it's in a place you can reach or something? Or maybe it does that, but the 10 orb restarts I did in CEZ2 after having hit a checkpoint that was after that one dumb button and after dying once (thus resetting the button) proved otherwise. And normal restarts wouldn't work either because there's a good chance at least one of the virus would end up behind the locked wall anyway! Kinda got left up shit creek without a paddle there.

Maybe orbrestart should always place you back at the start of the level (still costing a life and rings). Other than that, this was fun.
I didn't want to reshuffle the Virus because then players have the ability to just spam the command at their spawn point until they get a Virus that's close by, do that 5 times, and beat the entire game that way.

The intention was to have the player respawn at the beginning of the level every time, but in single player the entire map is reloaded upon death, so the respawn point unfortunately gets relocated. I previously tried using actual player spawn mapthings as orbrestart locations but those yielded extremely inconsistent results and even killed the player in some instances.

In any case I have a potential fix in mind so if I ever need to update the wad, I'll try it out. Thankfully not many of the vanilla maps really need the command anyway. (Not dying also works. :P)
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