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What's the point of orbrestart? If you can't go back to a previous area and have hit a checkpoint after it, then the only thing it does is take a life from you and your rings and laugh at you and that's it. Shouldn't it also reshuffle the virus so it's in a place you can reach or something? Or maybe it does that, but the 10 orb restarts I did in CEZ2 after having hit a checkpoint that was after that one dumb button and after dying once (thus resetting the button) proved otherwise. And normal restarts wouldn't work either because there's a good chance at least one of the virus would end up behind the locked wall anyway! Kinda got left up shit creek without a paddle there.

Maybe orbrestart should always place you back at the start of the level (still costing a life and rings). Other than that, this was fun.
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