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Default Instant Sync Failure and server freeze when you add the same mod twice through a .TXT

1: Add a wad file
2: Make a server
3: Execute a TXT document that adds a lot of other mods with the wad you just added being added again
4: Get booted out of your server with a too many files added message
5: Execute the TXT document on the title screen again
6: Make the server again

And then this happens :/

Other attempts of reproduction of this Bug:

The .TXT file I used: (added getallemeralds.wad on step 1)
say /me adding extra mods...
wait 20
addfile 22sonicfixed.wad
addfile fancytvs.lua
addfile tails-lach.wad
addfile dofor.lua
addfile railblock+.wad
wait 20
addfile s2maniahud.wad
addfile getallemeralds.wad
addfile keepstuff.wad
addfile allsuper.wad
addfile fspindash.wad
addfile smrundust.wad
addfile lua_playershadows.wad
addfile circlingemeralds.wad
addfile 22textures-xtra.wad

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