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Quickman 2: Slowlady > Sapphire Summit Zone Act 1 > (Shaped Mountainside by Kitoko) > Castle Rush Zone

QM2: solves everything wrong with the first one [s]except for the slow movement of the player[/s] I AM A WITCH. a++ (also i got up to the boss first time woo)

SSZ1: Just... ends. When I thok into the exit sector by accident, thinking that would be where a monitor would be placed, there's something wrong with the flow of the map at that point. Nice otherwise, even if you don't do anything with the pulleys. (I like your texture choices especially.)

(SM: When a quarter of the main path can be completely cut out via a shortcut right next to the spawn point, your level is badly structured. Tons of greebles in the floor which make it next to impossible to manuver around. I'd also say it ends too soon, but I wasn't actually having any fun playing it, so. also random metal sonic what)

CRZ: You said this level is two years old and it shows. Heavily. Sorry, but there's not much more I can say about this one.

Thanks for participating, everyone! Sorry I couldn't make it in. Maybe I'll get my next map done over Easter. <3
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