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obligatory review respond post
Originally Posted by Root View Post
Sapphire Summit:6/10
I liked it but it was too short, also the end sign location isn't obvious enough.
I see. I'll put the end sign to a place where you can clearly see it.

Originally Posted by 742mph View Post
Sapphire Summit Zone Act 1 by Savordez: 7/10

A nice, simple platforming level with plenty of exploration and alternate paths and decent use of the rope-hang and waterslide gimmicks. The layout is so open-ended that it gets a bit confusing at times, however - maybe shift the positions of the rings so they form more player-guiding trails?
I've got to admit the ring positions aren't the best; I just placed them everywhere. There are over 1000 rings in the level. You certainly can't say there's no reward for exploration!

Originally Posted by "Lat'" View Post
My only complaint about it would maybe be the fact that the Checkpoints are broken (The second one was already activated when I came to it.). Other than that, there's nothing much to say actually. Keep up that good work =)
The first and second Signposts in the upper and lower paths have same angles. I dunno if that was a very excellent idea, though.

Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
There is way too much detail in the floor, with tons of little gaps in the floor and sections with tons of different floor heights for no reason, particularly underwater.
Oi, I can see that. I guess I have this obsession for detail, since I wanted to make the underwater floor super rocky. >>

Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
You introduce the rope pulleys but don't do much of anything with them, which is probably for the best as the rooms you use them in have rock textures that have the same colors as the ropes, making them hard to see.
And that's where act 2 comes in and saves the day! If I actually want to start working on it, that is
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