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Well, at least this doesn't stop me from entering Elemental Mansion Zone Act 1. I've spent a decent amount of time on it. Several hours each day for a month and a half. This time, though, it's less linear, and it's a LOT less flat. I took JEV3's advice on removing non-linearity (having the level cross itself).

12357 vertices, 14083 linedefs, 26090 sidedefs, 1454 sectors, 3234 things.

The level of detail is definitely an improvement from Poison Prison Zone, but still not nearly as much as I'd want it to be. However, the framerate (as well as ZenNode) only allowed me to put so much detail, so, meh, whatever. But then again, I feel like I'm not good at judging visuals, so, I'm not exactly sure how good my map actually LOOKS.

Well, it's sent in now, after some eternal tweaking.

Oh, BZ4, gonna send in FFZ2? Hope it's not so utterly bland gameplay-wise like FFZ1. Cool gameplay gimmicks is what made NSZ1 better than NSZ2 and FFZ1, in my mind.
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