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Default Unofficial v2.2 Discussion Thread

This is [not] an official discussion thread for the upcoming v2.2 update.

This thread is dedicated to talking about SRB2's upcoming major update.

Some major changes coming in v2.2 include:

-Slopes will be integrated into levels
-A major texture overhaul
-Better menus
-The removal of SRB1 Remake (will be released as a WAD instead)
-Horizontal springs
-A completed Arid Canyon
-Super and Hyper Levels
-More accessibility options
-Improved Record Attack mode

There's no doubt that this will be a great update!

If you want to see some already-released information about the update, here are some links:

Interface and Accessibility Preview
A Big Announcement (Everything but Big is actual v2.2 content)
2.2 Slope Hype
The Fan-Made Sonic Game That Won't Die (Picture is v2.2 content)
2.1.16 Release, 2.2 Information, and Community News Update
2.2 Preview - With Slopes!
A Trio of 2.2 Tidbits
GIF of DSZ2 of Gargoyle Puzzle
WIP Picture of Doomship/Grand Eggship Zone (Confirmed not for v2.2; Keeping link just because)
Post With Link to Picture of v2.2 Palette
The SRB2 Wiki Page

Feel free to talk about whatever you want about v2.2!
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