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Time for a history lesson!

Almost every single map that released with the mario kart extension of SRB2Riders for 1.09.4 has been completely removed with one exception, Pipe Speedway by Blade.

Here's Pipe Speedway all the way back in 1.09.4. Back when SRB2Kart was only a side-bonus to SRB2Riders, maps were made for the sake adding as much content as possible, no one really knew what made a "good" course.

In 2.0, Pipe Speedway returns once again, leading the charge with a more dynamic layout. Visually improved from 1.09.4 and a good example what a basic course for Kart should look like.

Here's the current version of Pipe Speedway:

Blade was the first to the scene the moment slopes came into play for SRB2Kart. While it doesn't sit in the map01 spot anymore, Pipe Speedway continues to be the go-to example of what makes a Kart map interesting and enjoyable.
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