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Let's talk about ports a bit.

Normally, most of us in the Krew like to avoid ports like the plague. The era of D00DKart64 was packed full of them in order to fluff out the roster due to a lack of original themes and ideas. Thanks to (almost entirely) Blitz-T, and the rest of the mapping side of KartKrew, our original courses vastly outnumber the amount of ports that were in D00DKart64. They've also been cleaned out of our roster to make way for cleaner material.

For instance, this is the D00DKart64 version of GBA Rainbow Road:

This is the current GBA Rainbow Road in our port roster, made by TehRealSalt:

The difference may seem small at first glance, but the course functions as close to the original material as possible while still feeling like SRB2Kart.

ZarroTsu has made a number of other Super Mario Kart ports that sparked the level of quality GBA Rainbow Road received, maybe we'll see some of those next week.
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