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Hey, that's my pudding!
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My body is ready. My small, stupid comments are too.

Spoiler: Single Player
1. Gravity Garden Zone by EvilEnternity3000 - infinite possibilities to get through the zone with just gravity alone
2. Koopa Garrison Zone by Fawfulfan - easily the best mario mode level ever
3. Cloud Convoy Zone by toaster - planes are coolio
4. Quickman by Zipper - i had so much stupid fun with this
5. Phantom Gadget Zone by CoatRack - i still feel really sorry for the badniks
6. Autumn Valley Zone by Root - pretty but not too smooth
7. Shadow Castle Zone by Yacker and MudkipYeah! - are we back in 1.09.4

Spoiler: Match
1. Collapsing Cavern Zone by Fawfulfan - rock to face action
2. Volcanic Cliffs Zone by BlasterGuy - too much red why
3. Fountain Hills Zone by blahblahbal - i'm so lost help me

Spoiler: CTF
1. Canceled Flight Zone by Fawfulfan - the BEST level theme
2. Snowy Fortress Zone by BlasterGuy - bit too corridor-y
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>proceeds to throw book on floor and run around the library screaming "THE PINK IS REAL."

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