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Want to save some time when setting up your playthrough? Make a folder named "oldc14-2" and put it in your SRB2 folder, and place the SP maps inside. Then copy the following into a text file before changing the extention to .bat

srb2win.exe -file oldc14-2\scr_autumnvalley.wad
srb2win.exe -file oldc14-2\scr_gravitygarden.wad
srb2win.exe -file oldc14-2\scr_koopagarrison.wad
srb2win.exe -file oldc14-2\scr_phantomgadget.wad
srb2win.exe -file oldc14-2\scr_shadowcastle.wad
srb2win.exe -file oldc14-2\s_cloudconvoy.wad
srb2win.exe -file oldc14-2\s_quickman.wad
Place the .bat file in your SRB2 folder, and thereafter using it will boot SRB2 with one wad from the list, and do nothing until you close SRB2, after which it will restart SRB2 with the next wad in the list until finished. Close the console window the .bat file opens to interrupt this process.

Have fun, everyone!
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