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Thanks for the review Wolfy, I know this port is under average, and while my only defending excuse is that the people I worked on this with didn't have the skills to bring back the grind rails and fly hoops and such, we did our best to make our best parts of Rider's come back to life. This mod was actually supposed to be a mashup of Final Demo's gameplay, and some of 2.0s gimmicks, easy to say, it could be better. I honestly wish I could make the Speed/Fly/Power shortcuts more useful. If I really wanted to experiment with this mod, I'd want to bring back those few features. But I'll be honest- it's gonna be one hell of a remake, since Hitcoder overhauled most of the character lua to decrease lag, I hope that if an addition comes into place, it doesn't lag the whole thing to hell. (I'm trying my best not to ask for help here...)
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