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I know we've been over this on IRC, but I guess we've forgotten to mention it on the forums: match super forms are headed to the scrap yard.

There are a bunch of reasons why, but the most important one is that match supers are the worst kind of win-more mechanic. The player who is already winning is the only person who ever gets to experience the mechanic, and it just makes them even more completely unstoppable.

In case you all haven't noticed, one of the things we're actively trying to do to match is make it less harsh on the losers. 2.1's pity shield mechanic is the first step towards that, but we're going to be continuing to push for less mechanics that actively punish the losing players. Super forms are actively going against that policy.

Hence, since we're planning to delete them, we're not planning any changes to them.
This is really sad and disheartening to read. The emeralds are one of the cooler, Sonic-ier additions to match since ever, and it's really dumb to lose such an awesome feature because the balance is currently broken. I ask, why not just re-balance them if that's the problem? Make them easier to lose and pass over, limit their power and duration, hell, make them a glass cannon if you feel you need to. Just don't get rid of a feature that breaks the monotony in an ultimately very repetitive game.
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