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So is there really any difference between this version of Doom Builder 2 and the version that's on CodeImp's website, or can I just toss the config files into my normal DB2 install and use it with the GZDoom 3D Mode plugin that I already have there? I'd rather the latter be the case, considering that'd make things a lot easier for me to keep track of. (Hey, let's make an SRB2 map with Doom Buil- whoops wrong install)

Especially since a new DB2 version just came out.
Just try it, let's see if you can spot the difference :P

Heh, yeah, there is a difference, regular DB won't save the Z values or show FOFs or slopes even with the config, but how come you can't just use an SRB2DB2 install? It should work fine as a regular doom engine editor too...unless it doesn't for some reason?
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