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First thing I noticed while playing these in a netgame with Whackjood (presumably before it hit releases, I think?) is that there are two issues with how the levels are presented:

1) Dark. A lot of the levels are caves and take place underground or under a canopy and away from the light, or at night. Okay, cool. But while I don't expect the light levels to be 255, it's still pretty dark. Not dark enough to be an issue visually, but just dark enough to be noticeable, especially in Water Hall. We had trouble figuring out where the heck the flag points were because the light level was just enough that it was difficult to see that the waterfall had another room behind it.

2) Too many textures. Nothing is outstandingly wrong with the level designs themselves, but there are so many different textures used in each individual level that the stages turn into a bit of a visual mess. It's a good idea to use different textures to signify specific differences between platforms and hazards in a level. It isn't such a good idea to toss a lot of them in a blender and expect them all to work fine.

Other things that come to mind includ some of the 'sloped' platforms in Water Hall (Difficult to see where the slope ends while going up it, resulting in falling off into the water a lot), ice textures not acting like ice (while they probably weren't intended to be ice in Water Hall, the actual ice in Arctic Facility isn't slippery), and a lot of visual clutter in Arctic Facility and Jungle Ruins closer to the bases.
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