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Alright, huge improvement! I really do like this level, it's nice, it's easy but not stupid...a great first level. All I can say are a few things:
  1. There are some spaces that just strike me as "vacant," such as the beach and ocean areas. Try filling them up not with enemies or flowers or whatnot but with sector-based objects, such as rocks in the ocean or on the beach that don't get in the way yet make it look a little fuller. With the beach especially, as well, you can make flowy lines and gradient the sectors that come out of it so it looks a little more...not flat. Adds a lot, trust me.
  2. Give all your water control linedefs the Effect 5 flag. Again, trust me.
...And that's basically all the suggestions I have. Keep up the good work, I see a prominent mapper on the horizon...
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